Script | 01
Greens | Short

A riveting short of two best friends and their night on the town.  It perfectly highlights what today's youth culture experiences in an urban, post industrial society.  Written by April French.

3 Geniuses.png
Story | 02
3 Geniuses

People come in all shapes and forms, even geniuses.  Sometimes they come in the shape of a strong lover, or a sensitive friend, or, maybe, even the brooding mysterious type.  Written by April French.

Liz and Linus.png
Script | 03
Liz and Linus | Scene

This is a wacky, yet typical, backyard gathering complete with questionable food and hilariously uncomfortable situations, that will be oh-so-familiar.  But, what happens when comedy turns to tragedy and humor turns to turmoil?  A beautiful scene that shows that young adults have not entered the real-world until true financial burden lands in their laps. Written by April French.  

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