Praise for Water Under The Bridge


BlueCat 2022 Quarterfinalist

Toronto Metropolitan International Screenwriting Competition 2021 Quarterfinalist


"The strength of the story is in its slow burn of revelations and reveals, following a family in crisis after the death of their son. That daughter Bridget has never really moved on or let go, despite her parents splitting and seemingly moving on in new directions in their life is portrayed here in painstaking detail - with the writer drawing out dialogue and troubles of teen life in a realistic and nuanced fashion..." - Blacklist Review


"With its well drawn characters and sly portrayal of a small town family in crisis, WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE will no doubt attract attention from executives and talent." - Blacklist Review


"This is a smart and sophisticated dramedy about grief, love, and family. It's a strong ensemble piece, and each character has clear motivations, needs, and obstacles. The emotional core of the film, the effects of a senseless, blameless death on a teenager and her family, is truthfully and tenderly explored without being exploited." - Blacklist Review 

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